“Empires of the Mind”

Imperialist Empires have shifted up gears from Physical Occupation and Colonization to Mental Occupation by Indoctrination and Mental Enslavement. The Social Engineers

are instructed by the International Banksters to conduct sophisticated programs of mental enslavement. In this way, the modern-day Pharoahs intend to remove all resistance from the masses to their global control by using the following:

1.1-    Colonization of Education;
1.2-    Colonization of Media Networks: TV; Radio,    Newspapers and Magazines;
1.3-    Hollywood and Bollywood Entertainment;
1.4-    Mind-Numbing Music and violent Video Games;
1.5-    Narcotics-doping the global youth to destroy future leaders;
1.6-    Brand- label Fashion;
1.7-    Spectator – Sport as the alternative Dope to narcotics; drastically reduced threat is offered by sport fanatics to the global System of control and enslavement by the NWO.

Sub-Section - Colonization of Education

The Leipzig Connection- the revealing report of how American education was colonized and dumbed down. The same has now been applied globally to most nations’ education. Download the full report and share this shocking information… see also the video “Dumbing down of America


Follow this link for more information on this topic: .

Sub-section - Narcotics


Britain’s Dope, Inc.: Humanity’s New Dark Age

Before you start reading this report, I would like you to look closely, again, at the photograph printed on the cover of this magazine. It is a haunting picture of a young Peruvian girl, chewing coca leaves—hungry, exhausted, frightened, with no hope for the future, yet crying out to the heavens for justice. There are millions like her all around the world—from Peru and Bolivia, to Afghanistan and Nigeria, to the inner city streets and the suburbs of the United States—all victims of Dope, Inc., This young girl is the face of the New Dark Age towards which humanity

is careening, should we fail to enact Lyndon LaRouche’s policies to dismantle Dope, Inc., and to place the current global financial system, which created it, into bankruptcy reorganization. And if that battle is lost, then those haunting images of millions will become, literally, billions. Download this explosive report and share it with family and friends…



How Psychiatry & Modern Psychology Subvert Education, and Harm Children and Society.

Modern education, especially as it exists in the government controlled public schools, has deteriorated continually over the past 100 years. There are no "education specialists" who aren't now actually behavioral psychologists or psychiatrists. The field of psychology has very much taken over the public school system, and is doing its best to take over private schools. Through covert tactics, extensive lobbying efforts, and setting government mandated "educational standards", even home-schooling may have to conform to the dictates of psychologists.

Before the advent of psychology into the schools, education involved learning to read, acquiring mental skills, and developing the ability to think conceptually. The idea behind traditional education was to prepare the student with as wide and strong a base as possible for future success and contribution in the world. The modern psychologists have a different idea, and this involves ensuring the students possess the correct beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. The attention in education has gone from cognitive skills and effective thinking ability, to affective things, such as how the student feels, what he believes and what attitudes he has. This is why students perform worse on standardized tests today that gauge thinking ability and cognitive skills compared to 25 or 50 years ago.

By 1952, behavioral psychology had not only become the "scientific" foundation of American pedagogy, but it had changed our textbooks, revised the classroom curriculum, and redesigned the American school building. If you detect something mindless about American education, it's because the mind has been taken out of it. Only visible behavior counts.

The modern psychologically-based schools fail to adequately teach the students how to read, learn and understand, concentrating more on the affective domain, and actually cause a number of "learning disabilities", which psychiatry then "diagnoses" and prescribes drugs for as the solution. Many children are labeled as having "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" in the public schools, where psychiatry also has its government mandated influence, based upon teacher observations and recommendations. The teachers are trained in college how to do this, even though they are not properly trained therapists. Almost all "diagnoses" of ADHD depend upon teacher comments and observations. The public school system is as an integral part of the national "mental health" system. There is much to hyperactive and attention problems that have nothing to due with "mental illnesses" and "disorders". The psychiatrists won't tell you that, and jump at the chance to prescribe Ritalin and other dangerous drugs. Often the child's behavior is due to dietary or other environmental factors such as sugar, allergins or toxins. Or, the child appears to have a "learning disability" primarily because faulty psychological theories and practices have ruined any ability to read and learn the child might have originally possessed (i.e. the modern "look-see" reading method that systematically destroys reading and cognitive ability).

There is much to this subject, and the links below cover a wealth of information and provide further information for the interested parent or person.

Losing the Education Race - While critics tend to rely on the three-decades long decline of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) to document the dumbing down of American education, more alarming is our performance against the students of other industrialized countries. By virtually every measure of achievement, American students lag far behind their counterparts in both Asia and Europe, especially in math and science. Moreover, the evidence suggests that they are falling farther and farther behind. Read the results of various studies and the details of exactly how modern public education has failed.

The Leipzig Connection - The history of modern psychology beginning with Wilhelm Wundt in Germany. Wundt's theories change the view of Man as possessing a "mind" or "soul" to one of Man seen as an animal, subject only to stimulus-response factors. Since then modern psychology has more and more aligned with the behaviorist view of Man as a beast to be controlled by placing him in suitable controlled environments. Read how this view came to predominate in modern education.

Behaviorism - The notion that Man is an animal to be controlled through environmental forces and manipulated experience had its beginning in the late 1800s with the German experiemental psychology of Wilhelm Wundt. These ideas were continued with the studies of F. Lee Thorndike and John Dewey. The approach of behaviorism explains how the mind of Man was forsaken, and has much to do with the disregard of modern educational theories for the intellect, cognitive skills, responsibility and morality (all apsects of the mind).

Ritalin & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - The public schools operate as "mental health" clinics with teachers and administrators indoctrinated into the psychiatric view of "child disorders" and drugs. The schools have effectively become referral services for the psychiatric and drug industries. Find out the truth about Ritalin and other drugs, and how much uncertainty actually exists about the so-called "disorders" and their "cures". Read this before allowing your child to be labeled with a psychiatric disorder or put onto drugs.

Outcome-Based Education (OBE) - OBE is showing up in all 50 states, and with very similar goals and methodology. This is because the government is mandating it from the federal level. OBE was developed by behavioral psychologists, and admittedly is not designed to address cognitive skills, but aims more at adjusting and modifying the beliefs, values, attitudes and behavior of the students. This link has many references.

Public Education - The Point of No Return: Are We There? - In April 1983 the National Commission on Excellence in Education issued its now historic report, A Nation at Risk, in which it said: "The educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity that threatens our very future as a nation and as a people." Then it added a comment, which must have raised a lot of eyebrows: "If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war. As it stands, we have allowed this to happen to ourselves."

The New Illiteracy - Educationists noticed that many children misspelled words and realized that it would take a great deal of time, effort, and commitment to fix the problem. Instead, they discovered "invented spelling." Children weren't getting the words wrong, they were acting as "independent spellers," and any attempt to correct them would not only stifle their freedom, but smother their tender young creativity aborning. Such ideas have been widely seized upon by educationists who see the natural, unconscious, and effortless approach to spelling not only as progressive and child-centered, but a lot less work as well.

Look-See vs. Phonics - Phonics had been used successfully in the USA and Europe for many years to teach children how to read. It supplies the student with tools to expand their vocabulary. The look-see or whole-language approach, developed by modern psychologists, denies the students these tools, and instead forces them to learn through rote memorization. Find out details about both, and why students reading ability is reduced when forced to "learn to read" with the look-see methods. Another case of modern psychology's theories and methods sabotaging an area of human life and ability.

National Education Association (NEA) - The NEA is the controlling force behind what happens in the public schools, and is about the largest professional lobby in the United States. It has completely adopted the "modern scientific psychological approach" to Man, along with humanist views of socialism where the individual must adapt to the needs of society. The NEA allied with modern psychology and psychiatry very early in its development as the powerful teacher's union. Teachers must conform to their dictates to get or retain "official licensing".

The Separation of School and State - Modern "materialism" or the "humanist scientific view" act as "religious" ideologies possessing very involved ideas and beliefs about Man, the universe and Man's relationship to the Universe and others. These ideas are promoted in all public schools, using the excuse that they are "scientific" and not "religious". The government very much endorses a specific world view above all others, and oppresses the rest via what is allowed and what isn't allowed in the public schools. Schools should be free of government involvement of any sort.

The Swedish Failure of Progressive Education and Socialism - Carl Bildt, Sweden's new 42-year-old conservative prime minister, aims to steer Sweden back into the family of freemarket nations. "Collectivism and socialism have been thrown on the scrap heap of history," he told us during a recent visit. "There is no compromise worth having between state control and capitalism." Education is the area of greatest failure and this explains why and how.

Values Clarification & Situation Ethics - These are both relative systems of ethics that teach the child there is no absolute right or wrong. It's even okay to murder depending on the situation. While these ideas may apply in part to grown adults, with maturity and life experience to draw from, teaching these ideas to children almost always results in moral deterioration. This is more ideas spawned from modern psychologists and well-funded educational foundations.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching - This is one of the well-funded and influential foundations, which directs the course of modern teaching and education. It is staffed almost entirely by psychologists and endorses only their approaches. The foundation has many ties to powerful corporations. This group decides what to study, what to prove, what theories to consider.

Modern Education, Values Clarification, OBE, Behaviorism - The REAL Problems - An essay that ties all the aspects of the problems with modern education together. In a nutshell, who can and will determine the beliefs, values, attitudes and convictions of our children?

A Conspiratorial Slant to Modern Education - The elite Skull & Bones society of Yale University produces numerous influential members who train in Germany in the "new psychology", bring it back to the USA, and spread these views far and wide.

The Psychopathic School - The Failure of Modern Public Education from John Taylor Gatto's groundbreaking book Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling.

Home-Schooling - More and more parents are taking their children out of public (and private) schools to ensure their children receive quality education. The results and abilities of home-schoolers are routinely better and higher than public school children. Find out why. Many links to resources regarding home-schooling.

Suggested Reading List - the Demise of the Educational System - OBE (Outcome-Based Education), NEA (National Education Association), educational psychology, German psychology & influences, demise of public education, educational sabotage, Wundt, Pavlov, Dewey, Skinner, Watson.

Say NO To Psychiatry! 

For more information on this amazing section follow this link:

Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control

Posted on Pakalert on May 13, 2011 


Monarch Programming is a method of mind control used by numerous organizations for covert purposes. It is a continuation of project MK-ULTRA, a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military  and civilians. The methods are astonishingly sadistic (its entire purpose is to traumatize the victim)  and  the expected results are horrifying: The creation of a mind-controlled slave who can be triggered at anytime to perform any action required by the handler.  While mass media ignores this issue, over 2 million Americans have gone through the horrors of this program. This article looks at the origins of Monarch programming and some of its methods and symbolism.

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NOTE: This article contains disturbing elements and might trigger Monarch survivors.

Monarch programming is a mind-control technique comprising elements of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). It utilizes a combination of psychology, neuroscience and occult rituals to create within the slaves an alter persona that can be triggered and programmed by the handlers. Monarch slaves are used by several organizations connected with the world elite in fields such as the military, sex slavery and the entertainment industry. This article will look at the origins of Monarch programming, its techniques and its symbolism.

Origins- Throughout the course of history, several accounts have been recorded describing rituals and practices resembling mind control. One of the earliest writings giving reference to the use of occultism to manipulate the mind can be found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It is a compilation of rituals, heavily studied by today’s secret societies, which describes methods of torture and intimidation (to create trauma), the use of potions (drugs) and the casting of spells (hypnotism), ultimately resulting in the total enslavement of the initiate. Other events ascribed to black magic, sorcery and demon possession (where the victim is animated by an outside force) are also ancestors of Monarch programming.

It is, however, during the 20th century that mind control became a science in the modern sense of the term, where thousands of subjects have been systematically observed, documented and experimented on.

One of the first methodical studies on trauma-based mind control were conducted by Josef Mengele, a physician working in Nazi concentration camps. He initially gained notoriety for being one of the SS physicians who supervised the selection of arriving prisoners, determining who was to be killed and who was to become a forced laborer. However, he is mostly known for performing grisly human experiments on camp inmates, including children, for which Mengele was called the “Angel of Death”.

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Joseph Mengele, 1935

Mengele is infamous for his sordid human experiments on concentration camps prisoners, especially on twins. A part of his work that is rarely mentioned  however, is his research on mind control. Much of his research in this field was confiscated by the Allies and is still classified to this day.

“DR. GREEN (Dr. Joseph Mengele): The most significant programmer, perhaps one could give him the title of the father of Monarch Programming was Joseph Mengele, an ex-Nazi Concentration Camp doctor. Thousands of Monarch mindcontrolled slaves in the U.S. had “Dr. Green” as their chief programmer. “1

“Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer of the trauma-based Monarch Project and the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control programs. Mengele and approximately 5, 000 other high ranking Nazis were secretly moved into the United States and South America in the aftermath of World War II in an Operation designated Paperclip. The Nazis continued their work in developing mind control and rocketry technologies in secret underground military bases. The only thing we were told about was the rocketry work with former Nazi star celebrities like Warner Von Braun. The killers, torturers, and mutilators of innocent human beings were kept discretely out of sight, but busy in U.S. underground military facilities which gradually became home to thousands upon thousands of  kidnapped American children snatched off the streets (about one million per year) and placed into iron bar cages stacked from floor to ceiling as part of the ‘training’. These children would be used to further refine and perfect Mengele’s mind control technologies. Certain selected children (at least the ones who survived the ‘training’) would become future mind controlled slaves who could be used for thousands of different jobs ranging anywhere from sexual slavery to assassinations. A substantial portion of these children, who were considered expendable, were intentionally slaughtered in front of (and by) the other children in order to traumatize the selected trainee into total compliance and submission 2.

Mengele’s research served as a basis for the covert, illegal CIA human research program named MK-ULTRA.


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Declassified MK-Ultra document

Project MK-ULTRA ran from the early 1950s to at least the late 1960s, using American and Canadian citizens as its test subjects. The published evidence indicates that Project MK-ULTRA involved the use of many methodologies to manipulate individual mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs and other chemicals, sensory deprivation, isolation, and verbal and sexual abuse.

The most publicized experiments conducted by MK-ULTRA involved the administration of LSD on unwitting human subjects, including CIA employees, military personnel, doctors, other government agents, prostitutes, mentally ill patients, and members of the general public, in order to study their reactions.

However, the scope of MK-ULTRA does not however stop. Experiments involving violent electroshocks, physical and mental torture and sex abuse were used in a systematic matter on many subjects, including children.

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Declassified picture of a young MK-ULTRA subject, 1961.

Although the admitted goals of the projects were to develop torture and interrogation methods to use on the country’s enemies, some historians asserted that the project aimed to create “Manchurian Candidates”, programmed to perform various acts such as assassinations and other covert missions.

MK-ULTRA was brought to light by various commissions in the 1970s, including the Rockefeller Commission of 1975. Although it is claimed that the CIA stopped such experiments after these commissions, some whistle-blowers have come forth stating that the project simply went “underground” and Monarch Programming has become the classified successor of MK-ULTRA.

The most incriminating statement to date made by a government official as to the possible existence of Project MONARCH was extracted by Anton Chaitkin, a writer for the publication The New Federalist. When former CIA Director William Colby was asked directly, “What about monarch?” he replied angrily and ambiguously, “We stopped that between the late 1960s and the early 1970s.” 3.

Monarch Programming

Although there has never been any official admittance of the existence  of Monarch programming, prominent researchers have documented the systematic use of trauma on subjects for mind-control purposes. Some survivors, with the help of dedicated therapists, were able to “deprogram” themselves to then go on record and disclose the horrifying details of their ordeals.

Monarch slaves are mainly used by organizations to carry out operations using patsies trained to perform specific tasks, who do not question orders, who do not remember their actions and, if discovered, who automatically commit suicide. They are the perfect scapegoats for high-profile assassinations (see Sirhan Sirhan), the ideal candidates for prostitution, sex slavery and snuff pornography. They are also the perfect puppet performers for the entertainment industry.

“What I can say is I now believe that ritual-abuse programming is widespread, is systematic, is very organized from highly esoteric information which is published no-where, has not been on any book or talk show, that we have found it all around this country and at least one foreign country.

People say, “What’s the purpose of it?” My best guess is that the purpose of it is that they want an army of Manchurian Candidates, ten of thousands of mental robots who will do prostitution, do child pornography, smuggle drugs, engage in international arms smuggling, do snuff films, all sorts of very lucrative things, and do their bidding and eventually the megalomaniacs at the top believe they’ll create a Satanic Order that will rule the world”. 4

Monarch programmers cause intense trauma to subjects through the use of electroshock, torture, sexual abuse and mind games in order to force them to dissociate from reality – a natural response in  some people when then are faced with unbearable pain. The subject’s ability to dissociate is a major requirement and it is ,apparently, most readily found in children that come from families with multiple generations of abuse. Mental dissociation enables the handlers to create walled-off personas in the subject’s psyche, which can then be programmed and triggered at will.

“Trauma-based mind control programming can be defined as systematic torture that blocks the victim’s capacity for conscious processing (through pain, terror, drugs, illusion, sensory deprivation, sensory over-stimulation, oxygen deprivation, cold, heat, spinning, brain stimulation, and often, near-death), and then employs suggestion and/or classical and operant conditioning (consistent with well-established behavioral modification principles) to implant thoughts, directives, and perceptions in the unconscious mind, often in newly-formed trauma-induced dissociated identities, that force the victim to do, feel, think, or perceive things for the purposes of the programmer. The objective is for the victim to follow directives with no conscious awareness, including execution of acts in clear violation of the victim’s moral principles, spiritual convictions, and volition.

Installation of mind control programming relies on the victim’s capacity to dissociate, which permits the creation of new walled-off personalities to “hold” and “hide” programming. Already dissociative children are prime “candidates” for programming”. 5

Monarch mind control is covertly used by various groups and organizations for various purposes. According to Fritz Springmeier, these groups are known as “The Network” and form the backbone of the New World Order.


Monarch mind control is named after the Monarch butterfly –  an insect who begins its life as a worm (representing undeveloped potential) and, after a period of cocooning (programming) is reborn as a beautiful butterflies (the Monarch slave). Some characteristics specific to the Monarch butterfly are also applicable to mind control.

“One of the primary reasons that the Monarch mind-control programming was named Monarch programming was because of the Monarch butterfly. The Monarch butterfly learns where it was born (its roots) and it passes this knowledge via genetics on to its offspring (from generation to generation). This was one of the key animals that tipped scientists off, that knowledge can be passed genetically. The Monarch program is based upon Illuminati and Nazi goals to create a Master race in part through genetics. If knowledge can be passed genetically (which it is), then it is important that parents be found that can pass the correct knowledge onto those victims selected for the Monarch mind control.” 


“When a person is undergoing trauma induced by electroshock, a feeling of light-headedness is evidenced; as if one is floating or fluttering like a butterfly. There is also a symbolic representation pertaining to the transformation or metamorphosis of this beautiful insect: from a caterpillar to a cocoon (dormancy, inactivity), to a butterfly (new creation) which will return to its point of origin. Such is the migratory pattern that makes this species unique.” 7


The victim/survivor is called a “slave” by the programmer/handler, who in turn is perceived as “master” or “god.” About 75% are female, since they possess a higher tolerance for pain and tend to dissociate more easily than males. Monarch handlers seek the compartmentalization of their subject’s psyche in multiple and separate alter personas using trauma to cause dissociation.

The following is a partial list of these forms of torture:

1. Sexual abuse and torture

2. Confinement in boxes, cages, coffins, etc, or burial (often with an opening or air-tube for oxygen)

3. Restraint with ropes, chains, cuffs, etc.

4. Near-drowning

5. Extremes of heat and cold, including submersion in ice water and burning chemicals

6. Skinning (only top layers of the skin are removed in victims intended to survive)

7. Spinning

8. Blinding light

9. Electric shock

10. Forced ingestion of offensive body fluids and matter, such as blood, urine, feces, flesh, etc.

11. Hung in painful positions or upside down

12. Hunger and thirst

13. Sleep deprivation

14 Compression with weights and devices

15. Sensory deprivation

16. Drugs to create illusion, confusion, and amnesia, often given by injection or intravenously

17. Ingestion or intravenous toxic chemicals to create pain or illness, including chemotherapy agents

18. Limbs pulled or dislocated

19. Application of snakes, spiders, maggots, rats, and other animals to induce fear and disgust

20. Near-death experiences, commonly asphyxiation by choking or drowning, with immediate resuscitation

22. Forced to perform or witness abuse, torture and sacrifice of people and animals, usually with knives

23. Forced participation in child pornography and prostitution

24. Raped to become pregnant; the fetus is then aborted for ritual use, or the baby is taken for sacrifice or enslavement

25. Spiritual abuse to cause victim to feel possessed, harassed, and controlled internally by spirits or demons

26. Desecration of Judeo-Christian beliefs and forms of worship; dedication to Satan or other deities

27. Abuse and illusion to convince victims that God is evil, such as convincing a child that God has raped her

28. Surgery to torture, experiment, or cause the perception of physical or spiritual bombs or implants

29. Harm or threats of harm to family, friends, loved ones, pets, and other victims, to force compliance

30. Use of illusion and virtual reality to confuse and create non-credible disclosure 8.

“The basis for the success of the Monarch mind-control programming is that different personalities or personality parts called alters can be created who do not know each other, but who can take the body at different times. The amnesia walls that are built by traumas, form a protective shield of secrecy that protects the abusers from being found out, and prevents the front personalities who hold the body much of the time to know how their System of alters is being used. The shield of secrecy allows cult members to live and work around other people and remain totally undetected. The front alters can be wonderful Christians, and the deeper alters can be the worst type of Satanic monster imaginable–a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde effect. A great deal is at stake in maintaining the secrecy of the intelligence agency or the occult group which is controlling the slave. The success rate of this type of programming is high but when it fails, the failures are discarded through death. Each trauma and torture serves a purpose. A great deal of experimentation and research went into finding out what can and can’t be done. Charts were made showing how much torture a given body weight at a given age can handle without death.” 9

“Due to the severe trauma induced through ECT, sexual abuse and other methods, the mind splits off into alternate personalities from the core. Formerly referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder, it is presently recognized as Dissociative Identity Disorder and is the basis for MONARCH programming. Further conditioning of the victim’s mind is enhanced through hypnotism, double-bind coercion, pleasure-pain reversals, food, water, sleep and sensory deprivation, along with various drugs which alter certain cerebral functions”. 10

Dissociation is thus achieved by traumatizing the subject, using systematic abuse and using terrifying occult rituals. Once a split in the core personality occurs, an “internal world” can be created and alter personas can be programmed using tools such as music, movies (especially Disney productions) and fairy tales. These visual and audio aids enhance the programming process using images, symbols, meanings and concepts. Created alters can then be accessed using trigger words or symbols programmed into the subject’s psyche by the handler. Some of the most common internal images seen by mind control slaves are trees, Cabalistic Tree of life, infinity loops, ancient symbols and letters, spider webs, mirrors, glass shattering, masks, castles, mazes, demons, butterflies, hour glasses, clocks and robots. These symbols are commonly inserted in popular culture movies and videos for two reasons: to desensitize the majority of the population, using subliminals and neuro-linguistic programming and to deliberately construct specific triggers and keys for base programming of highly-impressionable MONARCH children. 11 Some of the movies used in Monarch programming include The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio and Sleeping Beauty .

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The movie The Wizard of Oz is used by Monarch handlers to program their slaves. Symbols and meanings in the movie become triggers in the slave’s mind enabling easy access to the slave’s mind by the handler. In popular culture, veiled references to Monarch programming often use analogies to The Wizard of Oz andAlice in Wonderland.

In each case, the slave is given a particular interpretation of the movie’s storyline in order to enhance programming. For example, a slave watching The Wizard of Oz is taught that “somewhere over the rainbow” is the “happy place” dissociative trauma slaves must go to in order to escape the unbearable pain being inflicted upon them. Using the movie, programmers encourage slaves to go “over the rainbow” and dissociate, effectively separating their minds from their bodies.

“As mentioned before, the hypnotist will find children easier to hypnotize if they know how to do it with small children. One method that is effective is to say to the small children, “Imagine you are watching a favorite television show.” This is why the Disney movies and the other shows are so important to the programmers. They are the perfect hypnotic tool to get the child’s mind to dissociate in the right direction. The programmers have been using movies since almost day one to help children learn the hypnotic scripts. For children they need to be part of the hypnotic process. If the hypnotist allows the child to make up his own imagery, the hypnotic suggestions will be stronger. Rather than telling the child the color of a dog, the programmer can ask the child. This is where the books and films shown the child assist in steering its mind in the right direction. If the hypnotist talks to a child, he must take extra precaution not to change the tone of his voice and to have smooth transitions. Most of the Disney films are used for programming purposes. Some of them are specifically designed for mind-control.” 12


The levels of Monarch Programming identify the slave’s “functions”  and are named after the Electroencephalography (EEG) brainwaves associated with them.

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Types of brain waves in EEG 


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Monitoring brain waves through the scalp

Regarded as “general” or regular programming,  ALPHA is within the base control personality. It characterized by extremely pronounced memory retention, along with substantially increased physical strength and visual acuity. Alpha programming is accomplished through deliberately subdividing the victims personality which, in essence, causes a left brain-right brain division, allowing for a programmed union of Left and Right through neuron pathway stimulation.

BETA is referred to as “sexual” programming (sex slaves). This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid of inhibitions. “Cat” alters may come out at this level. Known as Sex-Kitten programming, it is the most visible kind of programming as some female celebrities, models, actresses and singers have been subjected to this kind of programming. In popular culture, clothing with feline prints often denote sex-kitten programming.

DELTA is known as “killer” programming and was originally developed for training special agents or elite soldiers (i.e. Delta Force, First Earth Battalion, Mossad, etc.) in covert operations. Optimal adrenal output and controlled aggression is evident. Subjects are devoid of fear and very systematic in carrying out their assignment. Self-destruct or suicide instructions are layered in at this level.

THETA – Considered to the “psychic” programming. Bloodliners (those coming from multi-generational Satanic families) were determined to exhibit a greater propensity for having telepathic abilities than did non-bloodliners. Due to its evident limitations, however, various forms of electronic mind control systems were developed and introduced, namely, bio-medical human telemetry devices (brain implants), directed-energy lasers using microwaves and/or electromagnetics. It is reported these are used in conjunction with highly-advanced computers and sophisticated satellite tracking systems. 13

In Conclusion

It is difficult to remain objective when describing the horrors endured by Monarch slaves. The extreme violence, the sexual abuse, the mental torture and sadistic games inflicted on victims by “notable scientists”  and high-level officials prove the existence of a true “dark side”  in the powers that be. Despite the revelations, the documents and the whistle-blowers, a great majority of the population ignores, dismisses or avoids the issue altogether. Over two million Americans have been programmed by trauma mind-control since 1947 and the CIA publicly admitted its mind control projects in 1970. Movies such as The Manchurian Candidate have directly referred to the subject, even depicting actual  techniques, such as electroshock, the use of trigger words and microchip implementation. Several public figures we see on our TV and movie screens are mind control slaves. Famous people such as Candy JonesCelia Imrie and Sirhan Sirhan have gone on record and disclosed their mind control experiences…and yet the general public claims that it “cannot exist”.

The research and funds invested in project Monarch do not however only apply to mind control slaves. Many of the programming techniques perfected in these experiments are applied on a mass scale through mass media. Mainstream news, movies, music videos, advertisements and television shows are conceived using the most advanced data on human behavior ever compiled. A lot of this comes from Monarch programming.