In the Name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, the Ever-Merciful


"And say: Truth has arrived and Falsehood has perished, for falsehood (by it's very nature) is bound to perish."  (Quran - Chapter17:81)


"O People of the Scripture! Why do you mix up the Truth with falsehood and conceal the Truth while you are aware?" (QuranCh.3-Ver. 71))


All forms of praise (whether with the tongue, limbs or by monetary means) are purely for Allah, the Glorious Creator of the entire Universe; He alone is the Ever-living, the Eternal (the One that has no beginning and no ending as He is not controlled by time, but rather, is the Creator of Time); The All-Seeing so that no Atom in the universe escapes His perfect sight; The All-Hearing so that no sound or speech in the universe escapes His perfect hearing; The All-Knowing so that nothing exists except that He has perfect knowledge of it; the All-Powerful so that there is nothing in the entire Universe that is able to resist His power. So Blessed and Glorious is Allah; There is no other object or deity worthy of worship in truth besides He. He is the Irresistible, the Overwhelming.


"He (Allah) it is Who has sent His messenger with guidance and the religion of Truth so that it may dominate over all other religions(systems) even though the disbelievers may detest it."  (Quran: 61; 9)


Since the beginning of time there has been a constant battle between truth and falsehood. This battle has taken many forms and played itself out through various people and nations, yet, essentially it is still the same struggle, the struggle for supremacy between the righteous forces for Truth, and the evil forces for falsehood.

In the 20th century the focus of the battles slowly shifted from the conventional physical warfare to the more subtle, but deadlier ideological warfare. This battle is being waged globally through the sophisticated, hi-tech media networks which employ TV, radio, newspaper and magazines and operate as tightly controlled cartels. The main aim of this ideological warfare waged by the Financial Banksters based mostly in London and New York is to win the hearts and minds of the global masses thereby removing any resistance to being enslaved or culled!

The global educational systems were first poisoned with the falsehood of Darwin’s evolution theory. The promotion of this baseless theory led to man’s connection with God Almighty being slashed, a connection which had served as a solid foundation for truth and a shield against falsehood. Consequently, the media then has a field day to indoctrinate the masses with falsehood and immoral behaviour.

Today the real battles are not being fought so much with bombs and bullets, as it is being fought with the misinformation, disinformation and the withholding of critical information that can make the difference between life and death in many cases. This situation is to be found in many fields of human endeavour whether it be in religion, politics, medicine and health, education or economics and finance...

We are therefore in an era of massive deception, an era that perhaps heralds the coming of Dajjal or the Great Deceiver (also known as the anti-Christ) and is also alike to the era of Firoun (Pharaohs) who considered himself God and enslaved the Israelites until they were freed by Moses(A.S.) Sadly, families of the banking and finance elite based largely in London and New York are in the forefront of this massive project to enslave the masses using deception and ideological warfare. It has therefore become necessary to Research the Truth and Expose the Lies. We therefore welcome you to our website and hope that our little effort will serve some benefit to our fellow human beings who are all the creation of Allah Almighty. The latest area of deception is in the area of health and medicine with regards to the Swine flu hype and vaccinations. Open the relevant section for details on this.


Be wise and educate yourself on these matters before it's too late.